Brent Rivera Dating Particulars On The Youtuber’s Love Life

Is Brent Rivera Dating Pierson
Fans also freaked out when Brent made a prank video with Lexi where he kissed her in front of their mutual friends, Dom Brack and Brent’s now-girlfriend, Pierson Wodzynski. Brent Rivera is among the most recognized YouTubers amongst Gen Z! He gained fame by way of the now-defunct Vine earlier than venturing to YouTube. Brent Rivera is famous for his vlogs and fun movies, including pranks. The former style photographer may be seen spending more time with Rivera than some other member of her squad which additional adds fuel to their courting rumors. What’s more, they even received pretend-married and went on a pretend-honeymoon for their YouTube movies. As of 2022, social media influencer Pierson Wodzynski (born February 18, 1999) is dating Brent Rivera. That is dom brack’s girlfriend? are…
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