Into the September 8, 1913 the college unwrapped

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Into the September 8, 1913 the college unwrapped Eva Bernier try dominant, which have levels six-7-8. Mary Abel, secretary, grades 2-5 and you will Miss Hattie Friedmann, Preschool and you will initially grade. The college finances is $dos, into university season Sep 8, 1913 thru Summer 1, 1914, like the educators wages. Very personal situations took place on new school house. Permission had to be privately covered from the board people. A beneficial showplace for many years could have been this new Rothschild Pavilion, following called Pine Park. It had been produced in 1908 of slabs having rough bark into they, as well as the sides was indeed wrapped in burlap to keep the brand new precipitation away. The building burned down for the 1910, the brand new Electric company…
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